Laboratory of Cold Atoms Near Surfaces



Segway type self-balanced robot, based on a gyroscopic sensor.
Main parts of the robot are:
1. the sensor: gyroscope with I2C output – part of the Pololu AltIMU 10v4 sensor (L3GD20)
2. IR receiver - my own receiver for LEGO Technic remote controller. It is based on ATTiny84 working as a I2C slave and TSOP34338SS1F IR receiver. The microcontroller was programmed with Atmel Studio 7.0. I used the TWI slave library from
3. the software is based on the HiTechnic program written in NXC. I changed the parameters, I have implemented the I2C sensor instead of the original analog one and have added handling of my IR receiver.
4. the connectors are from

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