Laboratory of Cold Atoms Near Surfaces


Optical dipole trap

Here we show images of cold atomic clouds in an optical dipole trap loaded from MOT (Magneto-Optical Trap):

optical dipole trap

a) about 120 thousands atoms in a trap formed in the waist of 1083 nm laser beam at a power of 8 W. The atoms were kept in the trap for 90 ms before the photo was taken.

b) about 100 thousand atoms in crossed dipole traps formed in 1083 nm (8 W) and 785 nm (0.4 W) laser beams. Below the dipole trap there is a cloud of atoms from the MOT trap falling under gravity. The atoms were kept in the trap for 20 ms.

Atom cloud temperature is about 5 μK. The width of the picture is about 8.5 mm.