Laboratory of Cold Atoms Near Surfaces


Our new article in Optics Letters

The article Optical dipole mirror for cold atoms based on a metallic diffraction grating (Tomasz Kawalec, Dobrosława Bartoszek-Bober, Roman Panaś, Jacek Fiutowski, Aleksandra Pławecka i Horst-Günter Rubahn) has been accepted for publication in Optics Letters.

We report on the realization of a plasmonic dipole mirror for cold atoms based on a metallic grating coupler. A cloud of atoms is reflected by the repulsive potential generated by surface plasmon polaritons excited on a reflection gold grating by a 780 nm laser beam. Experimentally and numerically determined mirror efficiencies are close to 100%. The intensity of SPPs above a real grating coupler and the atomic trajectories as well as the momentum dispersion of the atom cloud being reflected are computed. A suggestion is given on how the plasmonic mirror might serve as an optical atom chip.

More information can be found in the Cold atoms and surface plasmon polaritons section (in Polish only at the moment).